Retiform Technique and Video – kicking it up a notch

The Retiform technique is an old technique. When I first saw this technique being done in a stamp show way back in 2008, I was totally blown away. Using Forever Fern, and Perched in a Tree, my results amazed me again.

My sweet husband edits my videos. We make a good team! Now, if I can convince him to start stamping, that would be something! I can’t really complain though–because he does the majority of the cooking.

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers, and as luck would have it, I will see some flowers. Next week I leave for Canada’s captial (Ottawa) to visit my daughter, SIL, and granddaughters. I picked this time of year to go because it is Ottawa’s Tulip Festival. I’m so excited.

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3 thoughts on “Retiform Technique and Video – kicking it up a notch”

  1. I have tried this before but oh my it was quite awhile ago. I love that sweet bird and those are pretty leaf stamps too :). I like how you added a nice pop of color to the center.
    Wanted to let you know that I got an email update of your blog, so that is working for me now 🙂
    Hope you enjoy a great time visiting your daughter and enjoy the beautiful flowers!

  2. I also learned this technique a long time ago. I really like it and I need to try it again. I like the pop of color that the red leaf added to the card. Great job!

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