Embossed Seashells Video

Learn how easy it is to make an elegant card with Stampin’ Up! Gold Foil sheets and Seaside Seashells dies. Have you ever brayered? I’ll teach you that too.

How’s everyone doing with this crazy weather we’ve been having? Last week we had a good ice storm and it left my car completely enveloped in thick, thick ice. No matter how hard I pounded on the ice, I couldn’t break through the ice to open my door, and I certainly didn’t want to rip my door handle off. Luckily my hubby was working an afternoon shift so I woke him up and asked him to drive me to work in his big truck. Got there safe and sound, and found a co-worker that could drop me off at home after my day shift ended. The sun has been out for the past two days which is glorious. I just heard on the radio we are in for a snow storm this weekend. March is brutal on the spirits. Stay safe!

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