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Brewed for You is an awesome stamp set with many uses. Today I chose to make a birthday card for my son. I still think of him as my baby, but at 35 I decided to leave behind one of Stampin’ Up!’s cutsey images for a more mature one. I think he’ll be quite surprised as I always do cutsey for him (and at 61 I’m still getting stuffed animals from him). His birthday isn’t until the end of December, but with the rush of the holidays, I thought I should make it now.

As you can see, I stamped the envelope to coordinate with the card. Using the same mug on my envelope, I created a front piece using those same stamps right onto the green background. Using one of masks, I blended a design onto the right side of the card. I really love this stamp set for the men in my life.

Today is our last day of Al’s and my vacation. Al helped me reorganize my stamp room. I didn’t quite expect to flip the heavy shelving and desk around, but once it was done I realized how much better my room is to keep organized. I couldn’t be any happier with how things are sitting on my shelves. It only took 8 years to get there–LOL.

Please share how you keep your stamp area neat and tidy, or even organized. I have a habit of dropping my knitting projects on my floor that I barely have room to walk around.

I have lots of card-making classes, as well as a technique class, so if you’re in my area (Sarnia), then give me a shout. Christmas cards is the theme for November.

Cheers, and thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Brewed for You”

  1. Hi Bethie! I really like this card! Love the backgrounds you stamped and stenciled and the fold is nice too.
    I bet you are feeling great with a “new” room. I’m a hopeless Stacker, and things can get lost that way, so I try to put things up right after I use them. Have a good week back at work, xoxo

  2. What a neat card for your son! I love the backgrounds you made using the mug stamp. We have sons around the same age. My son is 36. I will have new craft room to reorganize in the near future. Good luck in organizing yours!

  3. Wish I owned this set – I’d case your card! Our son will be 49 on the 30th, and I think he’d like this one! Makes me feel old to know that I have children in their 40’s! Great card, my friend – love it!!!

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Beth Norman-Roberts, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


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