Autumn Leaves and Pumpkin Spice

Autumn Leaves Suite is a beautiful set and has proven to be v ery popular because the All About Autumn Suite is sold out, as is the 6 x 6 paper pack, until October 23rd. So mark your calendar. I’m reordering the 6 x 6 paper pack because it is so lucious.

What I love about All About Autumn paper pack, is that it lends itself to making quick and easy cards. The beautiful autumn photos are perfect on it’s own, adding just a sentiment.

As I’m writing this, I’m drinking pumpkin spice coffee. What would we ever do without pumpkins?

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you have a terrific week!

5 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves and Pumpkin Spice”

  1. You know, I have never ever tasted pumpkin spice coffee. It just does not appeal to me. I do, however, add a very thin slice of butter to my coffee now. I believe they call it Bulletproof Coffee. The coffee glops onto the fat molecules and goes through your digestive track slower and without blood sugar spices. It helps me pee less, which is why I tried it. It works for me. XOX

  2. This card is lovely! The papers are so pretty. I can see why they are sold out. I love pumpkin spice, but not coffee. I am waiting until we get some Fall weather here so I can get pumpkin bread and pumpkin spice tea!

  3. I’m SO eager for my papers to become available! This card is stunning, Beth! I love it! Thanks for helping me to be patient until mine arrives! Darn those million dollar demonstrators who buy it all up and there’s none left for customers! Lol…

  4. Lol…a month after my comment above, and I’m STILL waiting for the papers to come!!! I have my fingers crossed that they’ll be here real soon! Hugs…pj

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